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Piano Lessons For Kids

´╗┐Parents who want to start their children on the piano. Quite naturally start to think about what are the best piano lessons for kids. Unfortunately some well meaning parents force their kids to learn the piano before they are ready. And also go down the old fashioned route of finding a piano teacher near where they live or their children go to school.

´╗┐This often leads to the children giving up on the piano as soon as they can.

There is no set age for when it's right to get your kids started on the piano. Each child is different and have different desires. The best approach is to seek to develop a desire by what you say and what you do. And in this way an interest in learning to play the piano may come about. If it does, it is better to go slowly, slowly and start with short 10 to 15 minutes of fun play at the piano.

It should always be fun and exciting as this is the best way for a child to develop a lifelong love affair with the piano.

First Piano Lessons For Children

The first lessons on the piano shouldn't be onerous on the child in any way.  But short fun filled lessons which are more like games than lessons. They should involve recognising notes and remembering them. The more fun you can introduce the better. 

When you make the lessons very easy and fun filled, this in turn will build confidence and the desire to take proper piano lessons when the time is right for them. Once the do start to learn to play the piano with suitable lessons for them. They will have the advantage of what's gone on before. Giving them confidence, knowledge and a heads start to learn and get the most out of each lesson. Because you have started them right they will learn much faster. gain even more confidence and develop a love affair with the piano.

Encourage Budding Pianists

When done right and tailored to the child's ability and desire, kids get an awful lot from the right piano lessons. These lessons may be from an old fashioned music/piano teacher or more likely today from one of the outstanding online piano lessons for kids. That imparts techniques, knowledge and power to develop into accomplished piano players. 

child learning to play piano

Questions On Kids Piano Lessons

Is my child old enough to start learning piano?

Children of less than 2 years old, in our opinion, should not have piano lessons.

Because before then they generally haven't developed the most basic language skills.

How Many Lessons a Week?

Up until the age of 6 2 x 15/30-minute lessons a week is enough.

Depending on the child.

Should My Child Practice at Home?

Without parental help the chances of success are slim.

And practice of 15 to 30 minutes a day is recommended.

Best Piano Lessons For Children

The advantages of getting the best online piano lessons for kids is clear.

They can learn from the comfort of their own home at the best speed for them.

They can also watch and re-watch the specially developed lessons until they have assimilated everything.

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